With so many photography studios in operation across the state of Utah, it can sometimes seem challenging to know beforehand if you are hiring a truly skilled photographer or simply somebody who got their hands on a nice camera. At Glen Ricks Photography, we are proud to provide high-quality photography using the very best equipment and technology, combined with years of experience in this business. We understand how to achieve the results you want for a wide range of photography services including family pictures, wedding photos, corporate/business photography, high school student portraits, and photo restoration. Our full-service portrait studio in Utah County includes several backdrops that can be used for pictures of groups of almost any size. Proudly serving the Orem and Provo area since 1979, our photographers are also able to provide these same services to people in Salt Lake City and various other locations. We are committed to providing each and every service with the highest level of professionalism to ensure you get the photos you want. To find a photographer who really knows what he is doing and cares about the people he works with, you gotta go to Glen Ricks Photography.